Friday, 14 January 2011

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Monday, 10 January 2011

Most Expensive Alcohol in the World

Fancy another? Well it's your round! We've complied a list of some of the most expensive booze around. You'll never complain about the price of a pint in your local ever again!

Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne

Soon to be stocked at your local Tesco (no only joking), this bottle of Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne is in fact cognac. This 1 litre crystal bottle has been dipped in 24k yellow gold and sterling platinum, complete with 6,500 certified brilliant-cut diamonds, master-crafted by the well-known jeweler, Jose Davalos.

How's that for a bit of bling? After aging for mere 100 years, the cognac measures in at 41 percent proof.

La Ley del Diamante (the Diamond Sterling) Tequila

You might think twice about pouring a tequila slammer from this bottle of Mexican Tequila. The bottle has been created using hand-blown glass created by 32 Mexican craftsmen and covered with 4kg of pure platinum and sterling silver and finished with 6,000 certified brilliant-cut diamonds.

As for the tequila itself, it's been extra-aged (3, 6 or 9 years), blended in cured barrels with an alcohol content of 42 percent.

DIVA Premium Vodka

DIVA Premium Vodka

50ml of this DIVA Premium Vodka makes one hell of an expensive vodka and coke. Made in Scotland (didn't see that one coming did you?), this vodka varies in price, depending on how many gems you fancy showing off inside your bottle.

Triple distilled, Blackwood Distillers make this with natural spring water. Filtered through ice, Nordic birch charcoal and a sand made from crushed diamonds and gems, this really is the bee's knees.

The Macallan Fine and Rare Collection, 1926

The Macallan Fine and Rare Collection

Highly sought after, this 60 year old whiskey is no longer available to buy. However, if you're ever in the area, the Old Homestead Steakhouse in the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey sells it for $3,300 per dram.

Chateau Lafite 1787

Chateau Lafite 1787

Possibly not the best wine to bring out at a dinner party, this bottle of Chateau Lafite was originally bought by Thomas Jefferson in France (his intials are on the bottle). For some reason he never got round to drinking it and the wine sold for $160,000 in 1985 to a London collector.

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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas Cocktails

Oh baby, it's cold outside! So what better way to warm up than with a couple of festive cocktails? We’ve compiled a selection of our favourite winter warmers, fruity punches and spicy cocktails that are perfect for Christmas day drinks and New Year’s parties!

Cinnamon Warmer Cocktail

• 50ml Cinnamon Syrup
• 10ml Coffee Liqueur
• 25ml Orange Liqueur
• 40ml Tequila Gold
• 30ml Lightly Whipped Crème Fraiche
• Ground Cinnamon

Pour the cinnamon syrup, coffee liqueur, orange liqueur and tequila into a cocktail shaker. Give it a good shake and serve into a Cancun Cocktail Glass, before topping with lightly whipped crème fraiche and spinkling with ground cinnamon.

Cancun Cocktail Glass

Baileys Latte

• 20ml Espresso Coffee
• 50ml Bailey's Cream Liqueur
• 200ml Stemmed Milk
• Chocolate Shavings

Prepare the espresso coffee, then pour into your Bailey's Latte Glass along with the Bailey's. Prepare the stemmed milk and and add to the glass, using the remaining froth to fill the glass to the top. Spinkle with chocolate shavings for decoration.

Bailey's Latte Glass

Blackberry Punch Cocktail

• 75ml Absolut Vodka
• 50ml Lemon Juice
• 50ml Simple Syrup
• 25ml Chambord Raspberry Liqueur
• Champagne or Sparkling Wine
• 3 Whole Blackberries

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes, Absolut Vodka, Chambord, lemon juice and simple syrup. Shake well and strain into a chilled Absolut Vodka Tumbler Glass filled with crushed ice. Top with Champagne or sparkling wine and garnish with the blackberries.

Absolut Vodka Tumbler

Mulled Wine Cocktail

• 100g / 4oz Light Muscovado Sugar
• 1 Star Anise
• 1 Cinnamon Stick
• 4 Cloves
• 150ml Water
• 1 Lemon
• 2 Clementines
• 150ml Cointreau
• 750ml Light Red Wine (such as Beaujolais)
• Twist of Orange Zest & Star Anise to garnish

Put the light muscovado sugar in a pan with the single star anise, cinnamon stick, cloves and water. Bring slowly to the boil, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Simmer for 2 minutes, then pour into a large jug to cool. Thinly slice the lemon and clementines and add them to the jug. Add the Cointreau and light red wine, before giving it a good stir.

Cover and leave to chill for at least 2 hours or overnight. Serve with the LSA Punch Bowl and LSA Punch Cups with ice. Garnish with the twist of orange zest and star anise. Can be served cold or gently warmed.

LSA Punch Cups

Minty Mojito Cocktail

• 25ml Light Rum
• 25ml Fresh Lime Juice
• 1 Tbsp Sugar
• 100ml - 300ml Club Soda
• Handful of Fresh Mint Leaves

Traditional Method:
In the bottom of a hiball glass, muddle together the lime juice, sugar and mint leaves until the sugar is dissolved. Add the rum, then fill the glass with ice and club soda, before garnishing with a mint sprig.

Shaken Method:
Shake the lime juice, sugar, mint leaves and rum vigorously with ice in a cocktail shaker. Without straining, pour the entire contents in an Islande Hiball Glass and top with club soda. Garnish with a mint spring.

Our Mojito Kit allows you to make Mojito using either method.

Islande Hiball Glasses

Happy Christmas!
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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Lay Z Spa on All Star Family Fortunes!

They say giving is better than receiving, but we're rather jealous of the celebrity family who gets to win our Lay Z Spa on All Star Family Fortunes! Our Lay Z Spa Premium XL is being offered as a prize for the winners of All Star Family Fortunes this Saturday 20th November, so make sure you drop everything and tune in at 6.15pm!

All Star Family Fortunes

We don't know which family wins (but we'd like an invite to their house) All Star Family Fortunes, but it's a battle between Boyzone's Mikey Graham and Eastenders actress Cheryl Fergison (who plays Heather Trott). As well as our Lay Z Spa, the winning family wins up to £30,000 for a charity of their choice.

We went along to the filming of the Lay Z Spa, which will be shown when the prize is featured. We don't exactly envy those models as it was a rather chilly day, but clearly they're professionals! See our photos from the shoot below:

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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The World’s Largest Corkscrew by Rob Higgs

We’ve seen plenty of big things in our time; supersized glassware, giant sweets and rather large cocktail accessories. But a giant corkscrew? Surely that’s one gadget that should be able to fit in the kitchen draw? Not satisfied with a regular corkscrew, artist Rob Higgs has made an ingenious mechanical sculpture that removes the cork from a bottle of wine before pouring you a glass. How lazy, yet awesome.

World's Largest Corkscrew by Rob Higgs

Comprising of almost 300 parts, with an array of gears and levers, it has been cast in bronze for a professional looking finish. There's an exclusive limited edition of 100, but weighing in around half a ton, it’s probably not advisable to buy one for your home bar.

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Monday, 27 September 2010

SodaStream: Get Busy With The Fizzy!

We’re getting hit with some 80s nostalgia in the Drinkstuff office. No we haven’t been playing Pac-Man, we’ve been sampling the newly revamped range of SodaStream! You’ve seen the TV advert and its official; SodaStream is back and everyone’s getting busy with the fizzy!

2010 TV Advert:

Those fizzing machines of the 80s dominated many a childhood, whether you ran round your neighbours after school or were lucky enough to own one yourself. Somehow, the simple act of adding CO2 to some tap water excited children all over the nation.

1980s TV Advert:

Well it’s out with the old and in with the new as SodaStream has brought out a range of modern, slim-line designs that blend perfectly with modern kitchens. And the best part is you’re old enough to operate the whole thing yourself!

SodaStream Genesis Drinks Maker Grey

SodaStream machines still feature the simple, electricity free, push button design that makes them so easy to use. They’re environmentally-friendly, quick, convenient, great fun and most importantly, great value for money. What’s not to love?

Obviously, we had to see what all the fuss is about; is it really worth shunning the fizzy drinks aisle at the supermarket and investing your money in a SodaStream? We decided to set one up and let the office sample the delights.

The SodaStream Stream Drinks Maker in use

We've tested the aptly named SodaStream Stream Drinks Maker. Setting up the SodaStream is surprisingly easy, even for the technically inept out there. For the eco-conscious, there’s very little packaging to be disposed off and the instructions are printed on a simple single page leaflet. Impressive stuff.

To get fizzing, all you need to do is screw in the CO2 canister and then the bottle of water and you’re ready to get busy with the fizzy. The SodaStream needs about 5-10short bursts and makes a buzzing noise (that sounds strangely like a fart) to signal your water is fully carbonated.

SodaStream with Sugar Free Cranberry & Raspberry Mixer

If you prefer your fizzy water to taste a bit less like water, SodaStream offer a variety of rather delicious flavoured syrups that instantly transform your bottle of fizzy water into cola, ginger ale or lemonade to name a few.

SodaStream Cola Mixer SodaStream Ginger Ale Mixer SodaStream Lemonade Mixer

So all this takes less than 5 minutes, which is a darn sight quicker than popping to the shop, but how does it taste? We tried out the Sugar Free Cranberry & Raspberry Mixer, which got a big thumbs-up from the office and warehouse team, who modestly admitted they were pleasantly surprised.

So whether you're a diehard coke addict or just enjoy a G&T at the weekends, SodaStream is perfect for creating drinks with minimum fuss. Just think of all the wastage reduced from buying plastic bottles, not to mention the shoulder ache from carrying them all!

SodaStream Genesis Drinks Maker Red SodaStream Pure Drinks Maker SodaStream Penguin Drinks Maker

For a smaller budget and small kitchen, the SodaStream Stream Drinks Maker or SodaStream Genesis Drinks Maker is ideal. Meanwhile, the SodaStream Pure Drinks Maker and SodaStream Penguin Drinks Maker represents the finer end of the spectrum, with the Pengiun being the only SodaStream to offer a glass carafe.

SodaStream Sugar Free Cranberry-Raspberry Mixer SodaStream Tonic Mixer SodaStream Apple Mixer

Don't forget to sample the range of mixers to liven up your drink! If you're having trouble deciding, why not try the SodaStream Taste Sampler Pack?

SodaStream Cola Zero Mixer SodaStream Sugar Free Orange Mixer SodaStream Xstream Energy Mixer

Happy Fizzing!
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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Ultimate Drinking Gadget: The Bierstick

You might have chugged your pint straight from the glass, used a straw to down a bottle or perhaps you’ve funnelled your beer through a beer bong, but you may find your chugging lap times pale in comparison with what the BierStick has to offer. Giving you the supernatural ability to consume your beer in just 3 seconds, it’s easy to see what all the fuss is about!

The BierStick

How To Use The BierStick

As you can see from the pictures, it’s fairly simple to use; fill it up (it holds just over a pint) and press the end to push the drink out the mouthpiece. Doing it in your underwear is voluntary however. Possibly the best drinking gadget we’ve seen in a long time (and we see a lot), your parties will become the stuff of legends.

The BierStick The BierStick

The Bierstick originated in the USA (unsurprisingly) and is fast becoming one of the most popular with the infamous college frat parties. Check out the video below for a demonstration, you’re welcome to attempt to do it quicker. Let us know how you get on!

Down In One!
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