Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Hellooo Happy Hour - The Bottle Opener Watch

There are some products that we wish we’d thought of first! The Happy Hour Watch, currently only available in America, is one of them. With a patented bottle opener on the buckle, this has been designed for your own personal happy hour! Gone are the days of hunting around the house for an opener or realising you’ve left your house without one!

For all those boozers and job haters that can’t wait to finish work and hit the pub, the retro clock face, powered by Japanese quartz movement, tells you the only time you need to know – 5 o’clock! While this novelty watch has been designed with drinkers in mind, this timepiece also features an alloy case, a black leather buckle and a digital time and date display alongside the analogue face.

We think this is great idea which truly allows you to celebrate the hour between the end of work and the drunken stumble home! See you at 5 o’clock!