Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Meet the new recruits!

At drinkstuff we always like to test our products before selling them and what better way to try out our new Cocktail Fish Bowl than with real fish! Despite not having a name yet, the newest recruits seem to be settling in well, enjoying regular lunchtime breaks and enjoying the scenery.

Our Fish Bowl

There’s been some office debate over the names of our two fishes, ‘Big’ and ‘Brother’, ‘Sharkey’ and ‘George’ or ‘Fish’ and ‘Chips’, we’d welcome your ideas and suggestions! While we love the novelty of having fish in a fish bowl, we’ll soon be re-homing our little friends into a bigger tank, before training them to answer the phone!

Meet The New Recruits

Our Fish Bowl will hold a little over 6 pints, just enough to hold a fish, but we’d recommend making an extra large cocktail punch for you and your friends instead! You could try making a Blue Lagoon and adding some Gin and Titonic Ice Cubes, maybe try a Disco Fizz with some carefully placed Indoor Sparklers or even a Paradise Martini with some Palm Tree Straws and Paper Cocktail Umbrellas. It’s the ultimate party piece!

Cocktail Fish Bowl

We’d love to see some photos of your cocktail creations in our giant fish bowl! Here’s a recipe for a Blue Lagoon to get you started...

How To Make A Pitcher Of Blue Lagoon:
Lots of ice
500ml Vodka
500ml Blue Curaçao
1800ml (1.8 litres) Lemonade

Fill the bowl with plenty of ice, fine or crushed ice works well too. Then pour in the Vodka and Blue Curaçao before filling to the brim with lemonade (approx 1.8 litres) and giving it a very good stir! Garnish with fruit slices and fill with plenty of cocktail decorations and straws. Remember, this is a cocktail pitcher, designed to be enjoyed by a group of people, so don’t try drinking it all to yourself! Enjoy!